Lunar Festival - walkthrough to all Elders

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Lunar Festival - walkthrough to all Elders Empty Lunar Festival - walkthrough to all Elders

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For those leveling alts... (poison!)

Walkthrough for All Coins: Alliance

You should have Hearthstone in Ironforge and start there.

This is fairly easily doable at lvl 70 solo. Even instances like LBRS you can just walk past most of the mobs. The only real challenge is the enemy racial cities where buffed guards and enemy faction players can make achieving your goal difficult.

Iron Forge - Mystic Ward
Fly gryphon to Thorium Point
Searing Gorge - Southwest corner in Blackchar Cave: 21,79
Blackrock Spire - After a few pulls into LBRS, the Elder will be across the first wooden bridge.
Blackrock Depths - In the middle of the Ring of Law.
Burning Steppes - On Dreadmaul rock north of Morgan's Vigil: 82,46
Burning Steppes - Flame Crest (that cave with the Libram guy): 64,24

Stormwind - Park
Elwynn Forest - In Goldshire, behind blacksmith: 39,63
Westfall - Atop the Sentinel Hill tower: 56,47
Fly gryphon to Nethergarde Keep (via Darkhire)
Blasted Lands - Just North of the Dark Portal: 57,54
Sunken Temple, Swamp of Sorrows - Head left when you zone-in. Go up the set of stairs, kill the first set of dragon, and enter the main room with all the dragons. The Elder is in the Northeast corner.

Fly (via Nethergarde) or ride to Darkshire
Stranglethorn Vale - Outside Zul'Gurub zone-in: 53,18
Stranglethorn Vale - Above the bank in Booty Bay: 26,76

Take the boat to Ratchet

Because this content is more horde friendly you will basically follow this route on your mount rather than searching out flight points.
The Barrens - In Ratchet, behind the bank: 62,36
The Barrens - Crossroads: 51,30
Orgrimmar: 40, 34, Valley of Wisdom (Luckilly for you, Orgrimmar is the largest horde city. And just like in Ironforge, the most crowded places is the bank, the mailbox and the auction house. Orgrimmar has two entrances. One in the south, and one in the west. You would like to enter the western entrance, since this is the entrance with the least Players, however you still have to outrun guards!)
Durotar - Razor Hill: 53,43
The Barrens - Camp Taurajo: 45,57
Mulgore - North end of Bloodhoof Village by bridge: 48,53
Thunderbluff - Elder Rise: 72,23 (Unlike Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff is not a very big city, thereas you are much more likely to meet enemy players. However, Thunderbluff is just as popular city as Teldrassil is, and therefore you have great chances of not being outnumbered. (At least not by anything more than lvl 15 tauren druids) Enter by the north lift, and go east towards the elder rise.)
Thousand Needles - In Freewind Post: 45,50
Thousand Needles - In Shimmering Flats by Mirage Raceway: 79,77
Tanaris - In Gadgetzan: 51,27
Zul'Farrak - In Ghazrilla's room by the gong.
Tanaris - Outside Uldum, far south Tanaris: 36,80
Un'goro Crater - By Slithering Scar, above ground: 50,76
Silithus - Northwest in the Crystal Vale: 23,11
Silithus - In Cenarion Hold: 50,36
Hearth back to Ironforge
Dun Morogh - In Kharanos by the inn: 46,51
Loch Modan - In Thelsamar: 33,46
Fly to Aerie Peak
Hinterlands - In the middle of Hinterlands by the Creeping Ruin: 49,48
Fly to Light's Hope Chapel
Eastern Plaguelands - By Light's Hope Chapel: 81,60
Eastern Plaguelands - At Crown Guard Tower in the south: 39,75
Stratholme - North of the festival lane mailbox. Make your first left in the instance, go through the gate, turn right, and the Elder will be standing at the back.
Western Plaguelands - In the Northeast south of the Weeping Cave: 65,47
Western Plaguelands - Elder Moonstrike is atop the Scholomance tower, outside the instance: 52,31
Tirisfall Glades - Slightly south of the town of Brill: 61,53
Undercity - In the middle of Undercity, above ground: 66,38
Silverpine Forest - By The Sepulcher: 45,41
Hearth to Ironforge and use the Lunar Festival Invitation to port to Moonglade
Fly to Everlook
Winterspring - In Everlook: 61,37
Winterspring - Ruins of Kel'Theril, southwest of Everlook: 55,43
Fly to Talonbranch Glade
Felwood - North of Jaedenar: 37,53
Ride to Astranaar
Astranaar - in the gazebo near the hippogriph: 35,49
Fly to Azshara
Azshara - Far Southeast corner in Ravencrest Monument: 72,85
Fly to Auberdine
Auberdine - East of the Hippogryph Master: 35,48
Fly to Rut'Theran Village
Teldrassil - Southern end of Dolanaar: 57,60
Teldrassil - Darnassus, in Cenarion Enclave: 33,14
Fly to Nijel's Point
Maraudon - Jump into the water by the Princess and Rotgrip. Swim to the east and head up the ramp. Turn right and head up a 2nd ramp. The Elder will be in front of you.
Feralas - Dire Maul, in the Arena in the center of the Broken Commons, outside the instance: 43,67
Feralas - Lariss Pavilion, North East of Camp Mojache: 76,37

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Lunar Festival - walkthrough to all Elders Empty Re: Lunar Festival - walkthrough to all Elders

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Cat stealth for teh win! Ninja!

PS: Bear is pirate, Yawr!

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