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GTFO: Stop standing in fire! Empty GTFO: Stop standing in fire!

Post  Draann on Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:19 am
Stop standing in fire!

GTFO provides an audible alert when you're standing in something you're not supposed to be standing in. In some cases, you'll be warned before you start taking damage. This mod improves your situational awareness and is recommended for dungeon divers and raiders of all skill levels as even the most seasoned veteran sometimes needs a reminder to GTFO.

It's particularly useful for individuals that play with their spell graphics turned down as well as assisting with PvP when you can't tell who's casting the AOE.

4 distinct audible alerts for different types of damage
High Alert - Dungeon/raid encounter AOE that you want to get out of it ASAP
Low Alert - PvP and low damage AOE, use your best judgment whether or not to move
Fail Alert - AOE you should have moved out of the way of, but it's too late (e.g. KZ void zone, Sindragosa bomb)
Friendly Fire Alert - AOE radiating from a teammate's body, one of you needs to move
Tuned for dungeons and raids in original vanilla WoW, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm
Alert you before you start taking damage (when possible, in some cases)
Alert you during vehicle fights when your vehicle is in danger (e.g. Malygos, Flame Leviathan)
Visual alerts available when used with Power Auras Classic (optional)
Statistical information of alerts when used with Recount or Skada (optional)
GTFO-specific volume slider
Small memory footprint and very little CPU usage
Option to ignore alerts for trivial content
Option to auto-unmute sounds if you play without sound on

Slash Commands

/gtfo - Help menu
/gtfo options - Set configuration options
/gtfo standby - Suspend/Resume addon
/gtfo version - Show version numbers for your party/raid
/gtfo test - Simulate a high damage alert
/gtfo test2 - Simulate a low damage alert
/gtfo test3 - Simulate a fail alert
/gtfo test4 - Simulate a friendly fire alert


Install and you're ready to go.

You can configure the mod by typing "/gtfo options" or by navigating to Options->Interface->AddOns->GTFO.

To use the "Play sounds when muted" option and still hear GTFO sounds, your "Master Volume" and "Sound" sliders must be set to a value higher than 0%.

Power Auras Integration

GTFO can be set up with Power Auras to provide visual alerts in addition to (or in lieu of) the audible alerts.
Install the Power Auras Classic addon
Type "/powa" in game to bring up the Power Auras menu
Click "Page 1" to create a character-only alert or "Global 1" to create an account-wide alert
Click "new" to create a new alert
Change the dropdown value for "Activation By:" to "GTFO Alert"
Select your alert type: High/Low/Fail/Friendly Fire
Use the other configuration options to fine-tune your alert

Recount/Skada Integration

GTFO can be set up with Recount or Skada to provide detailed statistical information of alerts.

A word of caution: the damage amount displayed on GTFO Alerts may not be fully indicative of the total damage done, especially with fail alerts. For example: if you're hit by a tornado, the damage and fail alert from the tornado picking you up could be 5k, but the fall damage when you hit the ground afterwards is 100k. The amount recorded by Recount/Skada will be 5k.

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GTFO: Stop standing in fire! Empty Re: GTFO: Stop standing in fire!

Post  Etarus on Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:24 pm

I need that....irl

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