Mac Master Help needed

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Mac Master Help needed

Post  Guest on Sun Feb 24, 2008 9:45 pm

Well, Hales, im taking the plunge

I have been forced to work a 40 hour week, for the next 2 years. Its part of the promotional process to Battalion Chief, and so for the long term is good for the family. However I will have to live apart during the week. does that apply?

Well, Ive decided to splurge,and get myself a top of the line Macbook. However I have some technical questions. All the Fire Dept stuff is MS Office based Power point, Word etc. And there is this little MMRPG I want to WoW

What thrd party software do you suggest? Do I need to create a Boot Camp thingy?...Basically......PC Nub needs Haels




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Re: Mac Master Help needed

Post  Hales on Mon Feb 25, 2008 12:27 pm


First off, there is a WoW client for macintosh and I recommend just using that unless you plan on mostly just booting into windows. The advantage is come patch day you get your patches a lot faster because there are less users of the mac client Cool Not only that, the mac client has movie recording built in (no fraps needed), has iTunes music control built in (I have my iTunes controls mapped to in game hot keys), and with the built in mic on your powerbook you will have an easier time getting voice set up (says the mic-less one)

There are 2 ways to run apps for windows on your mac. The first is boot camp, which actually partitions your hard drive and makes part of it a windows drive that you install windows on. You literally boot windows on this partition and have no access to mac os; You ARE running windows on your mac as PC machine. I use this on my mac to play some games (not WoW) that are windows only. This works great.

There is a 2nd way to run windows applications that I will have more experience with this week. There is a program that lets you run a windows OS in a window on your mac desktop. And this isn't virtual pc, it actually runs native on the intel processors. My understanding is you can save a "snapshot" of your windows session, quit, and come back to it later just like virtual pc used to let you do. In any event, I'm going to buy this app (around 75 bucks) and try it out as a way to run some compilers without needing to boot all the way to windows; I'd like to keep my mac os functionality on the 2nd machine.

Lastly, there is a mac version of MS Office that is supposed to be compatible with windows. If this is not the case you can use one of the 2 ways mentioned above to run them as a windows app on your mac. I use an Apple product called iWork which can import and export office formats and I use them this way. But for full time use I would recommend getting the real deal and buy microsoft office for the mac if you plan on authoring a lot of presentations about how not to burn the fire station down with a BBQ grill.

Ironically I was going to create a little post about this because I am recommending to all my friends to at least look at Apple hardware before upgrading their PC. I'm extremely impressed with my windows functionality on my iMac. And I say this as a programming nerd and not some sort of Apple evangelist. Simply put, I like Apple because they kick ass in user experience which is what I'm all about with computers.

If I didn't answer a specific question, or over answered a question, or missed something, just post in this thread and I'll respond hehe.

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