Farewell and good luck in the expansion!

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Farewell and good luck in the expansion!

Post  Draann on Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:16 pm

It was such a great ride through this Northrend expansion. So many good memories, so many good times. I thank all of you who ever wore the guild tag or helped with our raids, even if briefly. You were important to bring us to a point where many wouldn't imagine we would reach. We still had that Lich King to kill, but now I'm calling it a guild leader career. Starcaller is a better title anyways.

With a new baby coming, a new house to build, an upcoming move and some unforeseen personal events, I look forward to busy days ahead. Add the loss of important guild members to real life, the overall lack of interest of the current WoW player base and Kirin Tor's shallow recruitment pool... I don't think it's worthy to dedicate so much energy to rebuild a roster and train new people just to kill Arthas. Even if I had the time for it.

The guild isn't going anywhere, at least until Cataclysm when I'm going to transfer off Kirin Tor. We'll still be around, but I will no longer organize and schedule raid events. A glorious chatroom with green text, if you wish. You are welcome to take your character out of the guild if you want to continue to raid, of course. No hard feelings at all.

Thanks for everything guys. May all your hits be crits IRL! Very Happy

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