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Original article (with links)

How would you like to make 45g in less than 20 minutes per day? Act quickly, and they'll throw in 850 Argent Crusade reputation and a shot at your very own Deputy Pa'trolla Badge!

Individual results may vary. If you are not level 80 yet, you won't make as much gold, but you will gain a whopping amount of experience!

So how can you take advantage of this once-a-day offer? By going on a Troll Patrol of course! You need to finish in 20 minutes or less to get the full benefits, but lucky for you, I have all the tips to get you movin'.

After accepting Troll Patrol, you will have to visit four different quest givers. Alchemist Finklestein is perhaps the main reason why this quest chain can be so frustrating; but more on him later.

The other three, Captains Rupert, Grondel and Brandon, will not give you the same set of tasks every day. Fortunately, there are not so many that this should pose a problem.

When you have done them all, if you have completed the entire chain within the 20 minute time limit, you will get an additional quest called Congratulations! that you must accept and then hand in at the Argent Stand.

This chain will eat up 6 of your 25 allotted daily quests. The average amount of gold per daily is very low, while the amount of gold for the time invested is quite high. If you never approach the 25 quest maximum, then this chain is ideal for you. If, however, you have a lot of time to play and you generally do a whack of dailies, then you'll want to give this a pass.

Getting Started
Because Alchemist Finklestein's quest can be time-consuming, confusing, and downright infuriating while you're learning it, it is best to do his quest first.

Accept Troll Patrol at Argent Stand and head over to his location and get to work. If you end up taking longer than 5-7 minutes to complete his task, abandon both quests now. You will be able to restart with a fresh timer. This is preferable to doing all of the other sub-quests, banging your head against a wall with the Alchemist, and blowing the timer. The rewards are pitiful without that 20 minute bonus.

Alchemist Finklestein's Task
As soon as you accept the quest, he will begin asking you for ingredients to fetch for his pot. Flanking his alcove are two little side chambers with shelves and barrels and such containing different items.

To keep track of what he wants of you, I recommend monitoring your chat feed rather than trying to keep it memorized. As soon as you dump one item into the pot, he'll immediately request another.

Many items can be found in both chambers, while some will only appear on one side or the other.
Are you a visual learner? Check out this Alchemist's Apprentice video guide!
Fancy a chart? Ilovemuffins (Wowhead handle) made one up using actual in-game photos of each item! Right/left directions are from your viewpoint facing the Alchemist and the cauldron.
If you're having trouble reaching the top shelf, remember that you can stand on the many boxes and barrels around. I've only found a few items that were not reachable at all. In addition, a couple of the items he may request are actually stored in those barrels.

Remember, if you are taking too long, simply abandon the quest, along with Troll Patrol, and restart the whole thing. Some people say that you can leave it as long as 10 minutes, but I'd say 7 at the latest. This will also depend on how quickly you can travel to and from the other quests.

EDIT: DOWNLOAD for an add-on that will make you beat the alchemist's task every time! cheat moar

Captains' Tasks
Map to all four quest givers. The Alchemist is the one in the top left, while the other dots represent the Captains. You can do the Captains' tasks in any order.
Here is a complete list of the possible quests that each Captain might give. I suggest familiarizing yourself with all of them beforehand, so that you don't have to do as much reading while the timer is ticking!
General Tips
Having the ability to fly in cold weather, whether epic speed or not, is extremely helpful in making the timer. With the new mount prices and level requirements as of patch 3.2, this is easier (and cheaper) than ever.

Try to fight as little as possible. Staying alive and moving through the tasks is your best chance at the bonus reward. Try not to have to eat and drink, but if you do, make the time productive by re-reading your next quest or checking the map for your next destination.

If travel is an issue, set your hearth to the Argent Stand to shave off some time at the end. Questhelper, if you use it, can also be handy.

At level 80, with the 20 minute timer, you will get, in total:
850 Argent Crusade Reputation
Patroller's Pack with items worth anywhere from 50s to over 15g, with a chance at an epic spoof trinket called the Deputy Pa'trolla Badge.
A non-level 80, with the 20 minute timer, will get, in total:
68.8k experience + the pack and reputation listed above
There is some debate about the exact amount of experience awarded, as Wowhead's numbers don't match up, but it is around 60-70k nonetheless.

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