Pug screen shot of the day

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Pug screen shot of the day

Post  Phinius on Sun Dec 20, 2009 2:47 am

Here's the screen shot for today's fun pug. This is the chat after our 2nd wipe on the final gauntlet run in HoR. We got the final group and I just didn't have enough dps to carry the group. I posted recount after I stated that I don't think we have the dps to do it and Widika kept saying that 'his' friends and him run it with no problems. Kaelparry was our pally tank, Talanivalis is a hunter, Widika is a rogue. I was having a hard time believing that a rogue that only muster 2k dps knows what he's talking about, so I left group. No HoR completion for me today Sad


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