Daring Blades: General Info and Recruitment Status

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Daring Blades: General Info and Recruitment Status Empty Daring Blades: General Info and Recruitment Status

Post  Draann on Sun Oct 18, 2009 11:33 am

Daring Blades general info

And this is our updated "guild presentation post" for the Legion expansion.

The Daring Blades is an old school guild, founded in the early days of Kirin Tor. Across the years we went through several configurations, from a leveling and RP team, to a successful 40-man raiding guild, to an inactive group during a couple expansions, and finally settled into a tight-knit organization formed by real life and in-game friends that play together since 2004.

While we are proud of our in-game abilities and (former) progression as a raid group, we consider the guild environment that we have built as our most valuable asset. The guild is formed by friends, mature adults who stand as productive members of the society. For this reason we are always looking for the player behind the toon. That said, we are probably quite rusted after so many years away from Azeroth, but I'm confident this is a temporary hurdle only.

  • RAIDING TIMES: We're going to discuss raiding if/when we have a good roster of 110lvl players. For now this isn't our primary concern.

  • RECRUITMENT STATUS: Recruitment is always on personal basis. If you're interested in the guild, talk to us.

  • We're not a standard guild, not like what you're used to see in WoW. The unique structure of this guild may lead to  wrong expectations about us and if you're just looking for raid progress and loot upgrades, you won't find it here, sorry.

Be daringly safe. (TM)

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