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Space Music...

Post  Hales on Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:23 am

Hey Gang,

I'm starting to write the music for my game ... As it is a space game I'm working towards "spacey sound" (duh!) but it also will be ambient for the most part so it doesn't distract. It will also be "modular" so it can have different pieces strung together to make it less repetitive.

This is going to be the web page for some sample stuff if you care to listen, I wouldn't mind feedback. Just think space travel, and, oh yea, lots of heavy weaponry at times Wink

It is REALLY rough right now, but I'll post as I update it.

In about a week I'll be upgrading my synth to a virus TI 2 - yummy! This synth will give me over the top slick synth audio.

To quote their literature: "Thatís why the Virus TI can sound like a burning race bike on its way to hell or a choir of genetically enhanced tooth fairies. Itís just limited by your imagination."

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