Oldhar needs hammers!

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Oldhar needs hammers! Empty Oldhar needs hammers!

Post  Slot on Wed Aug 19, 2009 9:10 am

Don't know why, but Blizz make dwarves only proficient in hammers and not in bloody axes. So, I need a damn heavy two-handed off hand mace (+5 expertise on them). The problems are:

Titansteel (blacksmithing) is unique-equipped Sad

Demise is Naxx 10 Heigan, that noboby kills anymore

Jawbone is Naxx 25 Maexxna, omg 25 man PUG!!

Inevitable defeat is Naxx 25 random drop... impossible

Ironsoul is Ulduar 10 Flame Leviatan, need /delete Slot and /delete Teksida

Pvp hammers, simple impossible rating 2350!!

Any ideas?!

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