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Free portal Stormwind -> Theramore Empty Free portal Stormwind -> Theramore

Post  Draann on Wed Jan 09, 2008 11:35 am

Tired of taking a portal to IF, a gryphon to Menethil and a boat to Theramore on the way to Mount Hyjal or the CoT? Cry no more, twenty minutes of your time will make travel a nightmare of the past.

You may have heard they added new quests to Theramore - it is now a 30-40ish quest hub for Alliance. They added more flavour to the missing King storyline including this quest:

The nice thing is that in the 2nd last step of the quest Lady Jaina opens up an option to teleport you to Stormwind so you can warn High Lord Bolvar Fordragon of a traitor in Stormwind (this ties in to the Lady Onyxia Blackrock Depths plotline eventually). Do that, hand in the quest with Bolvar. He in turn opens up an option to teleport you back to Lady Jaina in Theramore.

Don't turn in the final quest to Jaina. You now have a free portal from Stormwind to Theramore any time you talk to Bolvar in Stormwind Keep. No more boats. Just hop the gryphon in Theramore to Tanaris and you're set. Almost as good as being a gnomish engineer.

ps: If for some reason Lieutenant Aden in Theramore doesn't actually give you the quest to go to Sentry Point - you may have done it in a past life. Go straight to Sentry Point to pick up the Defias quest and it works fine. You can grab the quest chain again from


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