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Major League Gaming

Post  Draann on Tue Jan 15, 2008 1:23 pm

Blizzard's WoW is going to participate with arenas as their e-sports share of the market.
Expect to see some really interesting arena buffs to the game...

Raiders are going to QQ even more now.

Extrapolating a bit. If e-sports becomes attractive enough, the vast majority of hardcore, competitive players (currently in the top guilds like Nihilum, Death&Taxes, Curse, etc) are going to abandon PvE content grinding. Or at the very least, the interest is going to drop a lot. Many guilds in the world are already complaining that all the best players left raiding for "welfare epics" in arena... same iLevel and sometimes much better gear than PvE counterpart.

I won't be surprised if PvE of the future is tweaked to a more casual level of progress, tuned without long, impossible attunements and more suited for small groups of players. It's going to be hard to keep a 35-man roster of active, skilled and competitive players to keep pushing for kills after the world first or second.

Good times ahead!

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Re: Major League Gaming

Post  Etarus on Wed Jan 16, 2008 1:10 am

Wow, that is an interesting bit of news. *hugs her fellow blades!

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