Black Friday

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Black Friday

Post  Phinius on Mon Nov 24, 2008 10:14 pm

So there's a couple of laptop deals out there and alot of non-deals.

None of these are gamers, but will do office work, play movies, and surf the web just fine

Here's what looks to be a deal if it really is a Intel T3200:

Another one:

This Toshiba is listed by many stores and is configured slightly different, so read well. Office Depot just happens to have it the cheapest.

In this price range, stick with the AMD's as they are slightly faster, but use less power and generate less heat. But the Intel I posted is priced too low to ignore. (if it's the chip that's rumored to be)

I wouldn't get Vista 32 bit at all if you have the choice, either pick XP 32bit or Vista 64 Basic(only if you have more than 3gb of ram)

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