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Sunwell Isle (coming @2.4) Empty Sunwell Isle (coming @2.4)

Post  Draann on Mon Jan 14, 2008 9:55 am

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The Swedish magazine Level also publishes a reoccurring Special World of Warcraft magazine. In the newest issue they have published a long interview with Jeff Kaplan, talking about patch 2.4, and onwards. The below text are translated and shortened parts of the interview:
Sunwell Isle will be located off the coast, north of Silvermoon in Eversong. The Island will be patched in with patch 2.4

Sunwell Isle will, as previously announced, house a major questing hub with a 5-man Normal and Heroic Instance (Magisters Terrace) together with a 25-man raid Dungeon (Sunwell Plateau). The goal with Sunwell Isle is to close the Burning Crusade storyline with the next expansion in mind. However, Kaplan states that there are some scenarios left in their back pockets “in case of” the development of WOTLK gets delayed for any reason.

  • At the start of the patch, the players will be greeted by a small expedition camp where they can start questing; though as the questing progresses (more dailies, yay!), the camp will grow to a small town. The larger the camp gets, the more quests will open up. Some buildings will already be in place, but needs to be re-taken.

  • Kaplan states it will be about the same “feel” as the Opening of the Gates scenario for AQ, in a miniature version. The more daily quests that gets done, the faster the whole server will progress.

  • The questing will tell the full story about Tempest Keep

  • A new faction will be introduced, “The Shattered Sun Offensive” for which you can gain reputation. Aldor and Scryer factions seem to finally be getting along to meet the new threat.

  • The 5- and 25-man dungeons will be open from the start, although, some bosses will be inaccessible until the dailies have progressed far enough. The 5-man Heroic instance will “most likely” require Honored reputation with “The Shattered Sun Offensive”. The first three bosses in the 25-man dungeon will be accessible from start, the three last ones has to be “unlocked” via questing.

  • In the Magister’s Terrace (the 5-man dungeon), Kael’Thas will have a comeback as a boss, in a new shape. (Kaplan mentions a large green crystal etched to his chest).

  • Players entering the 25-man dungeon will be faced with Kil’Jaeden himself. Kaplan states that this is one of the coolest bosses the art department has ever produced. The fight in itself matches the one with Illidan.

  • Other bosses include Brutalicus, a giant Pit Lord who has lost his wings, one of the first bosses will be the famous blue dragon Kalecgos who you will need to free from his enslavement under Kil’Jaeden. A Fel Dragon (first in WoW history), the female Eredar Twins and a Dark Naaru will also be in the mix.

  • Kaplan suggests the dungeon to be on par, or harder than the Black Temple. The Sunwell Plateau will be tuned for Tier 6 geared players, though there will not be any Tier 7 per se. Some pieces will be set pieces (though not necessarily class specific); all in all the drops in the dungeon will be above T6.

  • On other news, patch 2.4 will raise the cap on the amount of Daily quests allowed on a given day, from 10 to 25.

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Sunwell Isle (coming @2.4) Empty Re: Sunwell Isle (coming @2.4)

Post  Lentus on Tue Jan 29, 2008 5:00 pm

omg more daily quests!! That part of the server is gonna be so busy that no one will be able to complete anything (if the server stays up, that is)

so the Sunwell Plateau dungeon is on-par or more difficult than Black Temple? dang.. kinda reminds me of when Naxx first went live... Is anyone on KT even doing Black Temple yet?

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